Twelve metre yachts by country

This should be a fairly complete list of all 170 twelve metre yachts that have been built between 1907 when the class was defined and 1987 when the last America's Cup was sailed on twelve metres. More than 100 of them still exist. The data was collected from numerous sources, including Lloyd's register, various yard construction lists, regatta result lists, archived articles of yachting magazines and notes that we found on the internet. However, the most reliable and detailed resource is The 12 Metre Class book from Luigi Lang & Dyer Jones (ISBN: 0713661798). If you are interested in a much more detailed overview, we would very much recommend that book. In case that you have any additional data, such as new locations, new owners, restoration projects, corrections, internet links, etc., we would of course appreciate if you could send us an e-mail. We have started to add e-mail contacts of the current owners. Please let us know in case you want your e-mail address added, changed or removed.

Scandinavia (27 build, at least 10 still exist):
NameYearNumberBuilderDesignerFirst OwnerOwner todayLoaLwlBeamDraftSail
Magda VIII1908E 4Anker & JensenWilliam Fife III.Alfred LarsenEinar Sissener, Norway18.7611.994.002.40160
Brand IV1909 Anker & JensenJohan AnkerR. Van Rees, NLbroken up 195718.6711.993.49 243
Titania1910 Anker & JensenJohan AnkerRolf Nobel, Russiadisappeared 1920 11.963.48  
Erna Signe1911E 8Neglinge Varvet August Plym William Fife III.Nils PerssonEinar Sissener, Norway18.9011.943.432.50240
Danseuse1911E 7Anker & JensenJohan AnkerS. EydeTerje & Rolf Thoresen, Norway18.4711.993.38 262
Rollo1911E 1Anker & JensenJohan AnkerMads Wielbroken up in 195318.6011.993.38 256
Magda IX1912E 11Anker & JensenJohan AnkerAlfred Larsenshipwrecked off the swedish coast in the summer of 195118.7811.963.38 267
Corona1913 Anker & JensenJohan AnkerW. Wilhelmsendisappeared 197018.9912.403.602.50242
Sibyllan1913 Anker & JensenJohan AnkerCarl D. DanielssonGuiseppe Rinaldi, Italy
new name: Desiree
Storm1913 Anker & JensenJohan AnkerOle Larsen Jr.disappeared 195815.0012.984.50 233
Raak1914E 15Fevigs BatbyggeriBjarne AasEilif Von ErpecomSefrid Line Jakobsen and Yngve Ottesen, Fredrikstad, Norway14.1712.003.812.30216
Ull II1914 Damsgaard BatbyggeriBjarne AasL. P. Johannsendisappeared 1935 11.983.81 216
Skum III1914 J. M. IversenCharles NicholsonDr. Johan Frieledisappeared 193116.3011.583.10  
Symra191412 N 2Anker & JensenJohan AnkerAxel Isdahlbroken up 197419.3811.993.24 267
Tatjana191712 K 2Anker & JensenJohan AnkerEmil Glückstadtsunk in Portugal, 194819.8112.193.38 224
Atalanta191712 K 5Anker & JensenJohan AnkerHenrik Ostervolddisappeared 1932 13.033.35  
Thea191812 D 1Anker & JensenJohan AnkerJacob B. Stolt NielsenHans Michael Jebsen, Denmark20.0713.483.482.62253
Le1919 Jorgensen & VikChristian JensenChristensenKarl H. Hoje, Norway14.6512.053.652.64 
Heira II1919 Anker & JensenJohan AnkerOlaf Ørvigdisappeared 195020.1212.953.452.57242
Figaro III191812 N 1Anker & JensenJohan AnkerFred Olsensold to USA in 193119.9012.103.50 215
Figaro IV192412 N 6Anker & JensenJohan AnkerThomas Olsendisappeared 196520.8812.983.732.26201
Noresca192412 N 13Anker & JensenJohan AnkerR. G. Perry, UKsunk in Sweden, 198420.6012.673.841.98201
Magda XI192812 N 7Anker & JensenJohan AnkerAlfred Larsenwrecked in a storm in the summer of 1949 in Ipswich, MA    192
Princess Svanevit193012 S 2Neglinge Varvet August PlymGustav Estlander, Torre HolmE. AkerlundPrincess Svanevit AB, Sweden21.9513.923.57 183
Vema III193312 N 11Anker & JensenJohan AnkerG. Unger VetlesenVema III AS, Norway21.2513.873.582.71183
Figaro VI193612 N 12Anker & JensenJohan AnkerThomas Olsensunk 196721.4913.933.73 183
Nini Anker193912 N 13Robbe & Berking ClassicsJohan AnkerErik Larsen, DKChristoph Avenarius, Hamburg, Germany     
Sverige197712 S 3Enoch & ElfstedtPelle PettersonRoyal Goteborg YC 19.5013.953.722.72174

Germany (14 build, 6 still exist):
NameYearNumberBuilderDesignerFirst OwnerOwner todayLoaLwlBeamDraftSail
Davo II1907E 1Max Oertz, HamburgMax OertzC. Vermeer, NLdisappeared 193716.8811.213.85 196
Davo III1911 Max Oertz, HamburgMax OertzC. Vermeer, NLBeekman, Amsterdam18.2911.523.471.98136
Heti1912E 3Max Oertz, HamburgMax OertzH. EschenburgFreunde der Segelyacht Heti e.V., Hamburg18.6311.503.482.25263
Ivanhoe1910 Summers & Payne, SouthamptonWilliam Fife III. Alexander Treuberg, RigaKarl Grauer, Riga 1938, last record is from May 194518.4712.403.352.20195
Schwanhild1909 C. Schaarstein, KielC. SchaarsteinDr. Hans Schreiner, Grazprobably destroyed in first world war17.0712.643.44  
Skeaf II1908E 1Neptun, RostockGerhard BargHenry Horndisappeared 193116.8511.483.512.30186
Skeaf III1909 Neptun, RostockGerhard BargHenry Horndisappeared in April 194517.9012.803.48 188
Skeaf IV1910E 5Neptun, RostockGerhard BargHenry Horndisappeared 197318.7012.993.522.20126
Skeaf V1912 Neptun, RostockGerhard BargHenry Horndisappeared 1964 in Langstone Harbour, UK18.2911.993.352.18131
Skeaf VI1914E 2Abeking & RasmussenWilliam Fife III.Henry HornAlberto Alfonso, under restoration in Portugal19.9011.803.152.32284
Inga193812 G 1Abeking & RasmussenHenry RasmussenJ.T. EssbergerAlexander B hning, London21.5014.003.602.72180
Anita193812 G 2Abeking & RasmussenHenry RasmussenWalter RauSeglervereinigung Rheingau, Germany21.5014.003.602.72180
Aschanti III193912 G 3Burmester, BremenHenry GruberErnst Burmesterbroken up 196220.7913.723.642.68176
Sphinx193912 G 4Abeking & RasmussenHenry RasmussenNRV, Philipp ReemtsmaFreundeskreis Sphinx, Gorm Iver Gondesen, Flensburg, Germany21.5014.003.602.72180

United Kingdom (50 build,approximately 24 still exist):
NameYearNumberBuilderDesignerFirst OwnerOwner todayLoaLwlBeamDraftSail
Heatherbell1907 Alexander RobertsonGlen CoatsAndrew Coats 18.6012.153.45 231
Ráfaga1908 Camper & NicholsonCharles NicholsonPablo Suarez, Argentinabroken up15.6711.943.45 225
Hera1908 R. McAlisterGlen CoatsGlen Coatsdisappeared 1950 in Argentina 15.9512.043.35 198
Nargie1908 R. McAlisterAlfred MylneJack Littledisappeared 1959 in Norway18.0512.043.43  
Mouchette1908 R. McAlisterAlfred MylneCharles McIverTigre Maritime Museum, Argentina15.5412.923.27  
Alachie1908 William FifeWilliam Fife III.George Coatsbroken up 193215.7011.913.37 250
Cintra1909E 1William FifeWilliam Fife III.Andrew CoatsCintra GbR, Hamburg18.8211.973.382.30256
Cyra1909 Alexander RobertsonAlfred MylneA.F. Sharman-Crawforddisappeared 1956 in Marseille18.4712.273.402.48195
Javotte1909E 5R. McAlisterAlfred MylneCharles McIverdisappeared 1951 in Sweden as Beduin II, Replica in St. Kitts by Philip Walwyn18.2912.133.38 245
White Heather1909 PhillipA. RichardsonHarter K. GlazebrookAndr Herbst, Hamburg18.0212.803.482.28198
Ierne1911 William FifeWilliam Fife III.A.F. Sharman-Crawforddisappeared 1958 in Norway18.7811.963.372.31248
Vanity192312 K 1William FifeWilliam Fife III.J.R. Paynesunk 1992 in the Caribbean19.8113.413.732.74182
Moyana II192412 K 8Bute Slip DockAlfred MylneWilfred Leucharsdisappeared 1951 in Italy  3.77  
Clymene192412 K 10Camper & NicholsonCharles NicholsonPhilip de G. Bensonrestoration in France20.4713.823.702.57 
Lady Edith1925 William FifeWilliam Fife III.Alfred MelsonRahmi Koç, Istanbul, Turkey18.2913.543.922.77128
Doris192512 K 2Camper & NicholsonCharles NicholsonFrederick Lastdisappeared 1950 in the UK16.3011.993.762.57 
Moyana192612 K 3William FifeWilliam Fife III.Wilfred Leucharsbroken apart in 1950 in France  3.70 198
Modesty192612 K 4William FifeWilliam Fife III.Sir A. Mortimer Singerdisappeared 1970 in France21.34 12.803.70  
Iris192612 K 6Bute Slip DockGlen CoatsGlen Coatssunk 1970, off the coast of Hankø in Norway21.4914.693.66 193
Cerigo192612 K 12William FifeWilliam Fife III.Leon Beckerburned down 1977, British Virgin Islands20.1213.103.702.59143
Rhona192712 K 7William FifeWilliam Fife III.J. Lauriston Lewisdisappeared 1970 in Norway19.8612.953.76 190
Zinita192712 K 8William FifeWilliam Fife III.Arthur C. ConnellLeo Aarens, Netherlands19.9611.963.762.57147
Iyruna192712 K 11Camper & NicholsonCharles NicholsonSir William P. Burtondisappeared 1965 in the UK20.4912.953.642.57191
Mouette192812 K 15Camper & NicholsonCharles NicholsonSir Thomas Sopwithsunk 1976 in the US20.5713.483.552.66185
Moyana192912 K 3William FifeWilliam Fife III.Wilfred Leucharssunk in 1970 in the UK21.3413.723.792.66 
Flica192912 K 16Camper & NicholsonCharles NicholsonSir Richard FaireyRichard A. Smith, Epping, UK20.5713.543.652.62 
Lucilla193012 K 17Camper & NicholsonCharles NicholsonJ. Lauriston LewisCollision w. Lulworth, 193020.1513.683.552.68184
Zoraida193112 K 8William FifeWilliam Fife III.Arthur C. Connelldisappeared in Italy 1945  3.53  
Veronica193112 K 10Bute Slip DockAlfred MylneSir William P. Burtondisappeared 1955 in the UK 13.413.502.71170
Zelita193312 K 9William FifeWilliam Fife III.Arthur C. Connelldisappeared 1965 in the Med20.4214.023.962.17159
Miquette193412 K 14William FifeWilliam Fife III.R. S. GriggFairlie Restorations, UK 21.0013.543.532.67152
Westra193412 K 4Camper & NicholsonCharles NicholsonArthur C. Connelldestroyed by air-raid in 194221.1313.493.732.67 
Marina193512 K 6Bute Slip DockAlfred MylneSir William P. Burtondestroyed in world war II20.1213.413.70  
Vanity V193612 K 5William FifeWilliam Fife III.John PaynePatrick Howaldt, Kopenhagen21.5813.543.722.65 
Evaine193612 K 2Camper & NicholsonCharles NicholsonSir Richard FaireyAndreas Wehner, Germany21.3313.993.602.72186
Trivia193712 K 10Camper & NicholsonCharles NicholsonVernon MacAndrewWilfried Beeck, Hamburg21.3313.993.602.72186
Wings193712 K 15Camper & NicholsonCharles NicholsonMaurice SolwayPhilipp Skafte-Holm, Copenhagen21.3613.933.552.71179
Blue Marlin193712 K 17Camper & NicholsonCharles NicholsonSir Thomas SopwithHenrik Andersin, Helsinki21.3013.763.552.71183
Little Astra193712 K 18Camper & NicholsonCharles NicholsonHugh F. Paulbroken up 1970 in Italy21.3413.843.552.71180
Ornsay193912 K 19Camper & NicholsonCharles NicholsonArthur C. Connelldestroyed by air-raid in 194221.18 3.63  
Tomahawk193912 K 3Camper & NicholsonCharles NicholsonSir Thomas SopwithAlberto Rusconi, Italy21.1113.903.562.71189
Jenetta193912 K 1Bute Slip DockAlfred MylneSir William P. BurtonSven Dose & Tommy M ller, Kiel, Germany21.7014.173.662.74159
Flica II193912 K 14William FifeLaurent GilesHugh GoodsonAlexander Falk, Hamburg20.5214.853.622.77188
Sceptre195812 K 17Alexander RobertsonDavid BoydRYS syndicateSceptre Preservation Society21.0014.153.562.76172
Sovereign196412 K 12Alexander RobertsonDavid BoydAnthony BoydenJean-Claude Perdriel, Antibes, France21.0813.913.812.71175
Ikra196412 K3XAlexander RobertsonDavid BoydFrank & John LivingstonJean Rédélé, France21.0613.933.812.67174
Lionheart198012 K 18Joyce MarineIan HowlettAnthony BoydenHarry H. Graves, Newport, RI19.4314.943.732.82222
Victory 82198312 K 21Wilf SouterEdward DuboisPeter De SavaryRoy Hart, Burnham, UK19.9613.853.762.72168
Victory 83198312 K 22Fairey MarineIan HowlettPeter De SavaryDennis Williams, Cape Cod, MA, USA19.81 3.76 198
Crusader I198512 K 24Cougar MarineIan HowlettGraham WalkerRichard Matthews, UK19.80    
Crusader II198612 K 25Cougar MarineDavid HollomGraham WalkerChris Freer, broken up in UK?     

USA (43 build, approximately 35 still exist):
NameYearNumberBuilderDesignerFirst OwnerOwner todayLoaLwlBeamDraftSail
Waiandance192812 US 1Abeking & Rasmussen, GermanyStarling BurgessGoodwin, NYdestroyed in 195221.1013.103.752.58181
Isolde192812 US 2Abeking & Rasmussen, GermanyStarling BurgessMaxwell, NYbroken up 1988 in Australia21.1013.103.752.58181
Tycoon192812 US 3Abeking & Rasmussen, GermanyStarling BurgessMallory, NYdestroyed by hurricane in 195421.1013.103.752.58181
Iris192812 US 4Abeking & Rasmussen, GermanyStarling BurgessSteward, NYbroken up in Michigan 197221.1013.103.752.58181
Anitra192812 US 5Abeking & Rasmussen, GermanyStarling BurgessHarding, NYJosef Martin & Rüdiger Stihl, Germany21.1013.103.752.58181
Onawa192812 US 6Abeking & Rasmussen, GermanyStarling BurgessForbes, NYEarl Mcmillen III, Newport, RI21.1013.103.752.58181
Seven Seas193512 US 9Henry NevinsClinton CraneVan S. Merle-SmithRui Macedo Silva, Porto20.7914.543.662.73176
Mitena193612 US 10HerreshoffFrancis HerreshoffWilliam StrawbridgeJim Henley, Dearbon, MI21.9513.413.402.65164
Gleam193712 US 11Henry NevinsClinton CraneClinton CraneElizabeth Tiedemann, Newport, RI20.6513.543.662.64181
Nyala193812 US 12Henry NevinsOlin StephensFrederick BedfordPatrizio Bertelli, Italy21.4713.093.562.78187
Northern Light193812 US 14Henry NevinsOlin StephensAlfred LoomisHans Eliasson, G teborg, Sweden21.3313.723.652.67179
Vim193912 US 15Henry NevinsOlin StephensHarold VanderbiltPatrick Howaldt, Copenhagen21.4414.213.602.82179
Columbia195812 US 16Henry NevinsOlin StephensHenry SearsAlain J. Hanover20.1914.303.612.80 
Weatherly195812 US 17Luders MarinePhilip RhodesSyndicateGeorge Hill, Newport, RI21.0013.843.552.74178
Easterner195812 US 18James E. GravesRay HuntSyndicateArthur Schlossmann, Jamestown, RI19.9414.353.662.79179
Nefertiti196212 US 19James E. GravesTed HoodAnderson-Purcell SyndicateSears Wullschleger, Newport, RI20.5213.904.042.74174
Constellation196412 US 20Minneford Yacht YardOlin StephensW. S. Gubelman & E. Ritter SyndicateSunk in Turkey20.8314.023.662.66170
American Eagle196412 US 21Luders MarineBill LudersAurora SyndicateHerb Marshall, Newport, RI20.5214.023.812.74178
Intrepid196712 US 22Minneford Yacht YardOlin StephensW. J. Strawbridge Syndicate Jack Curtin, Newport, RI19.6614.273.682.78164
Heritage197012 US 23Morgan YachtsCharlie MorganCharles E. MorganJeffrey G. Barrows, Marblehead, MA19.2014.403.782.84164
Valiant197412 US 24Robert E. DerektorOlin StephensRobert W. McCulloughPaul Gary Gregory, Marblehead, MA19.6314.533.662.76163
Mariner197412 US 25Robert E. DerektorBritton ChanceKings Point FundWrecked on beach of Palm Beach, Florida18.7714.433.552.79162
Courageous197412 US 26Minneford Yacht YardOlin StephensRobert W. McCullough Syndicate Craig Millard, Newport, RI19.9413.713.732.64166
Enterprise197712 US 27Minneford Yacht YardOlin StephensThe Maritime Collection of Fort Schuyler Foundation Jan & Caroline Slee, Newport, RI 20.1513.413.782.74168
Independence197712 US 28Minneford Yacht YardTed HoodKings Point Fundparts used for US 32 Clipper19.3413.773.732.69174
Freedom198012 US 30Minneford Yacht YardOlin StephensThe Maritime Collection of Fort Schuyler FoundationErnest Jacquet, Newport, RI19.2513.904.372.71 
Clipper198012 US 32Newport OffshoreDavid E. PedrickPeople to PeoplePeter Rubenstein, Linköping, Sweden19.4813.743.762.69164
Defender198312 US 33Newport Offshore LtdDavid E. Pedrick People to PeopleKen Carrico, Florida19.5313.563.762.67167
Spirit of America198312 US 34Newport Offshore LtdSparkman & StephensFreedom CampaignRebuild as Stars & Stripes19.6413.843.782.72164
Magic198312 US 38Customer MarineJohan ValentijnFreedom CampaignMagic Sailing, Netherlands18.5913.243.792.62155
Liberty198312 US 40Newport Offshore LtdJohan ValentijnFreedom Campaignsold to Japan in 198919.3713.703.702.67168
America II198412 US 42Williams & Manchester Sparkman & StephensAmerica II SyndicatePatrick Sikorski, 12m Yacht Development Foundation, Greenwich, CT 20.75 3.652.74 
America II198512 US 44Williams & Manchester Sparkman & Stephens America II Syndicate Richard Elder, Seattle, WA  3.682.74 
America II198512 US 46Williams & ManchesterSparkman & StephensAmerica II SyndicateCharter vessel, Connecticut20.14 3.702.74 
USA I198512 US 49Robert E. DerektorGary MullGolden Gate Challengebroken up in California 2008     
USA II198512 US 50Robert E. DerektorGary MullGolden Gate Challenge      
Heart of America198712 US 51Merrifield-RobertsGretzky, Graham, MacLane, SchlageterHeart of America ChallengeSince 1993 in Turkey     
Stars&Stripes 83198512 US 53Robert E. DerektorChance, Nelson, PedrickSail America FoundationVagabond Cruise, Hilton Head Island, SC19.5013.843.652.63164
Stars&Stripes 85198512 US 54Robert E. DerektorChance, Nelson, PedrickSail America FoundationPier 39 Yacht Club, Tokyo Bay, Japan20.12 3.66   
Stars&Stripes 86198612 US 56Robert E. DerektorChance, Nelson, PedrickSail America FoundationColin Percy, St. Maarten 20.24 3.68  
Stars&Stripes 87198612 US 55Robert E. DerektorChance, Nelson, PedrickSail America FoundationColin Percy, St. Maarten 20.12 3.66  
Eagle198612 US 60Williams & ManchesterJohan ValentijnEagle ChallengeTaken apart in 1994     
USA198712 US 61Robert E. DerektorGary MullGolden Gate ChallengeRalph Isham, Newport, RI20.12 3.66  

Australia (15 build, all still exist):
NameYearNumberBuilderDesignerFirst OwnerOwner todayLoaLwlBeamDraftSail
Gretel I196212 KA 1Lars HalvorsenAlan PayneSir Frank PackerRobbe & Berking Classics, Flensburg, Germany21.1613.843.582.67171
Dame Pattie196712 KA 2W. H. BarnettWarwick Hood Mads Buhl, Copenhagen     
Gretel II197012 KA 3W. H. BarnettAlan PayneSir Frank PackerMichael Maxwell, Sydney19.8114.023.662.74187
Southern Cross197412 KA 4Lars HalvorsenBen LexcenAlan BondCharter vessel in North Queensland20.4514.203.712.74168
Australia197712 KA 5S.E. WardBen LexcenAlan BondCharter vessel in North Queensland19.8113.713.712.74168
Australia II198312 KA 6S.E. WardBen LexcenAlan BondFremantle Maritime Museum19.2213.103.652.59171
Australia III198512 KA 9S.E. WardBen LexcenAlan BondMalaysia     
Australia IV198712 KA 16S.E. WardBen LexcenAlan BondMalaysia     
South Australia198712 KA 8S.E. WardBen LexcenAlan BondMarcus Lubken, Antibes, France     
Challenge 12198312 KA 10S.E. WardBen LexcenAlan BondChantier Naval Tréhard, Antibes, France19.2513.433.652.66167
Advance198312 KA 7AquacraftAlan Payne broken up 2006     
Kookaburra I198212 KA 11Parry Boat BuildersMurray & SwarbrickKevin ParryMichael Smith, Melbourne20.2213.413.802.64168
Kookaburra II198512 KA 12Parry Boat BuildersMurray & SwarbrickKevin ParryPatrizio Bertelli, Italy20.1213.683.792.68164
Kookaburra III198712 KA 15Parry Boat BuildersMurray & SwarbrickKevin ParryPatrizio Bertelli, Italy     
Steak 'n' Kidney198712 KA 14Consolidated MarinePeter ColeEastern Australia America's Cup DefenseCharter vessel in North Queensland     

France (7 build, 6 still exist):
NameYearNumberBuilderDesignerFirst OwnerOwner todayLoaLwlBeamDraftSail
Cygne1907 G. de Conineck MaisonsG. DuperronG. Lacroixdisappeared 193712.8810.854.08 94
Chancegger196912 F 4Herman EggerBritton ChanceBaron Marcel BichDavid Leneman, Australia19.1314.403.762.57165
France I197012 F 1Herman EggerAndré MauricBaron Marcel BichEcole Navale, Brest19.1314.403.762.57165
France II197412 F 2PontarlierAndré MauricBaron Marcel BichCruising Yacht, Hyères19.1313.943.862.79 
France III198012 F 3Chantiers Navale d'AngelyValentijn/FarouxBaron Marcel BichFrench Military Navy19.9114.223.712.74 
French Kiss198512 F 7AlubatPhilippe BriandMarc PajotideaArgo, Antonio Spinelli19.20 3.60 160
Challenge France198512 F 8Aero SpatialeDaniel AndrieuChallenge FrancaisAlbert Khodara, St. Tropez19.6813.583.732.67164

Italy (8 build, all still exist):
NameYearNumberBuilderDesignerFirst OwnerOwner todayLoaLwlBeamDraftSail
La Spina192912 I 1Cantieri BagliettoVittorio BagliettoMarchése Franco SpinolaDr. Gian Franco Chierici21.4713.873.902.62173
Emilia193012 I 1Cantieri CostagutaAttilio CostagutaAttilio BruzzoneMarco Riccardo Gastaldi, Genoa20.9314.563.832.95204
Azzurra I198212 ITA 4Maro CobauAndrea VallicelliConsorzio AzzurraKarim Aga Khan, Porto Cervo19.9813.873.812.72164
Azzurra II198512 ITA 8Maro CobauAndrea VallicelliConsorzio AzzurraMichael Kiersgaard, Venice19.9813.873.812.72164
Azzurra III198612 ITA 10SAI AmbrosiniAndrea VallicelliConsorzio AzzurraJürgen Röhl, Hamburg, Germany19.9813.873.812.72164
Azzurra IV198612 ITA 11SAI AmbrosiniAndrea VallicelliConsorzio AzzurraLorenzo Orrù, Olbia19.9813.873.812.72164
Italia I198512 ITA 7Cantierri BagliettoGiorgetti & MagriniConsorzio ItaliaAlex Curry, Hamble, UK19.65 3.65 165
Italia II198612 ITA 9Cantierri FerriGiorgetti & MagriniConsorzio ItaliaRenaissance School, Adria19.65 3.65 165

New Zealand (4 build, 3 exist):
NameYearNumberBuilderDesignerFirst OwnerOwner todayLoaLwlBeamDraftSail
New Zealand198512 KZ 1Marten MarineHolland, Farr, Davidson       
Wright on White198712 KZ 3McMullen & WingHolland, Farr, DavidsonNZ America's Cup Challenge Roger Wright, Rio, Brasil19.9914.024.022.74 
Hissar198712 KZ 5Marten MarineHolland, Farr, DavidsonNZ America's Cup ChallengeEdgar Cato, Newport, RI19.9914.024.022.74 
Kiwi Magic198612 KZ 7Marten MarineHolland, Farr, DavidsonNZ America's Cup ChallengeBill Koch, Palm Beach, Florida19.50 3.67  

Canada (4 build, 3 exist):
NameYearNumberBuilderDesignerFirst OwnerOwner todayLoaLwlBeamDraftSail
Canada I198312 KC 1McConnel MarineBruce KirbySecret Cove Yacht Club Challengeredesigned as Canada II19.0013.783.842.72168
Canada II198512 KC 2McConnel MarineBruce KirbySecret Cove Yacht Club ChallengeColin Percy, St. Maarten20.1113.873.652.72166
True North I198512 KC 87Crockett-McConnelSteve KillingTrue North Yachting ChallengesColin Percy, St. Maarten 19.8413.643.792.67167
True North II198512 KC 4Crockett-McConnelSteve KillingTrue North Yachting ChallengesColin Percy, St. Maarten 20.5014.023.792.68164

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